Article by Terrie Reynolds
Could Vonda Tucker Hamilton
Be the Horsewoman of the Century?
The criteria are:
Candidate must have shown and placed on at least
a national level.
The candidate must have taught on the
professional level with at least 2 students winning
titles. (accredited teacher)
Candidate must have a Degree in Equine Science
Candidate must developed a successful breeding
program (without a staff)
Training Services (without a staff).

When a person looks back on their life it is often with regret or remorse
because they did not accomplish their goals, this cannot be said for
Vonda Tucker Hamilton. When I was asked to write an article about
Mrs. Hamilton, I was elated. I had heard many great things about her
and was interested in getting quotes from her friends and family about
the kind of person she really is. I had no clue that after sending out
feelers that I would receive over 427 emails singing her praises. Most
were people to whom she had greatly influenced in their equine life.
Vonda Tucker Hamilton’s qualifications were seen on the first pages
under her photo and she is all of those things. She is accomplished
horse woman, breeder, highly intelligent and ambitious. Mrs. Hamilton is
indeed a perfectionist as is apparent in the horses she breeds. What
makes Mrs. Hamilton most worthy of the coveted “Horsewoman of the
Century Award” is her passion for horses; she is literally in love with
horses. Mrs. Hamilton has made it her lifelong mission to help others
achieve their own goals working with horses. Due to limited space I was
only allowed to print a small number of the replies I received, although I
could publish a book. The following emails are represented in their
entirety to allow proper context.
Ms. Reynolds,

I wanted to take a moment to respond to your inquiry on Vonda
Hamilton. We are very pleased to hear that she is being considered for
this award. Any recognition that she might receive for her work would
certainly be well deserved.  My understanding of your request was that
you are aware of her many professional accomplishments and are
currently more interested in hearing about Mrs. Hamilton personally.  I
would be more than happy to have an opportunity to share my thoughts.

Vonda has not only blessed us with seven of the best horses that
anyone could ever hope to own, she has become a respected and
valued friend.  We drove to North Carolina to see one of her horses
after finding her farm on line and having only a couple of brief phone
conversations with her.  I had a good feeling about her from the start
and fortunately, I was correct.  We purchased not one but two horses
on that first trip and were surprised to find that when she said that she
"kept up with her babies" she meant it. Vonda and I have probably
averaged two phone calls a week since that day. She is the main
reason that I have unlimited long distance calling!  Five more horses
have made the trip north and I'm not certain that Serenity will be the last.
I could not possibly put into words what these horses have come to
mean to my family and myself.  They are absolutely the most stunning
and well behaved group ever to grace a campground or show ring. They
are the center of attention where ever we go. This, of course, is not
even the point. Vonda has become my go to person for horse advice.  
She is always willing to take my call regardless of the fact that she is
overwhelmingly busy.  She helps with everything from diet to meds to
behaviors to training techniques.  Most of all, she is a true and devoted
friend. She has opened her home to our family on more than one
occasion. Two summers ago she invited my then fifteen year old son
down to spend a week.  He flew into the airport where Nathan picked
him up. A week later they put him back on a plane for home having had
a wonderful time. There is not another person anywhere who I would
trust to do so.  Recently, she stopped here in Mount Eden on her way
to her mother's home for the holidays. We were so happy to be able to
have them here for the night. When our house burned, she was on the
spot with a huge box of clothes and even a check to help out through
those first really rough days.  When we lost a beloved horse, she was
ready with medical advice and then emotional support. Vonda has taken
a personal interest in my children and has watched them grow up with
her horses.  She probably knows as much about them as their
grandparents. We also have a personal interest in her family.  We have
come to think a great deal of Nathan and Ashton as well as some of
Vonda's friends.  On last years vacation, we took a four hour detour to
spend the day at Hamilton Stables where the kids played in the pool
while the adults rode horses before everyone shared a great home
cooked meal prepared by Vonda herself. We look forward to seeing the
Hamilton's this summer as I hope to take a group camping trip where
she can see for herself just how invaluable her horses have become.

In short, we went to North Carolina to see a woman about a horse and
have been blessed to find not just a true horsewoman, but a dear friend.
I believe that you could find no better a recipient for your award than
Vonda Hamilton. Thank you for the opportunity to share our thoughts.

Angela Aldridge
Little Bitty Farm
Mount Eden, Ky.


The following is an exert from Mr. B Stillwater's  Journal.
"The colt breaking season has ended with 47 head ready to go to sale,
it has been a long season and one I want be a forgettin soon I uns  sure
hate to see my Vondy gal goin back to Carolina that there gal had more
gumption and stick to her than I ever seen in my 71 years.  Iffin they
raise all them gals that tough in Carolina the South shouldve won the
blasted war.  Ray and me won't soon forget all the work that gal put into
the colts for us.  That gal was like a hungry sponge thirstin for horse
knowledge like she  would just die iffin she didn't ride every horse she
saw. It was indeed a sad day to see that red ragtop drive away for the
last time.  Vondy me and Ray won't ever forget ya.  Hopin  you'll think
of us some too."

Mr. Stillwater died at the age of 88.  He had broke more mustangs than
any wrangler using all natural methods.  His last year breaking colts was
1989 two years after he met Vonda Hamilton.  He is reported to have
said that she was the best apprentice he had ever had.  His
grandchildren said he talked about Vonda's bareback colt breaking till
the day he died. "That Vondy had Piney Tar on her Butt, not a colt alive
can shake that gal, them colts realize it purty quick to and just gentle to
her song. Never met a gal loved ta sing like Vondy gal."

Vonda Hamilton is an amazing woman. She is a friend that I can always
count on, a mentor that dispenses invaluable advice, a business partner
who always does more than her share and someone that I am proud to
know on a daily basis.
Unlike other riders and trainers of her caliber, Vonda doesn’t broadcast
her accomplishments every chance she gets. Her style is much more
subtle. Instead of trying to prove herself to those around her by
cramming her achievements down their throats, she wins them over
through her natural charm, patience and expertise with the horses. In
fact, I didn’t even know about Vonda’s show career or titles until we had
been friends for quite some time.
Vonda is one of the most trustworthy people I have ever known. The
horses sense it – that’s why they are so willing to do what she asks of
them. They know she would never harm them. The children she teaches
sense it. Even adults sense it – I’ve seen Vonda walk into grocery
stores and become privy to some incredibly personal information
without even asking. There is just something about her that encourages
people and animals to open up.
Part of what makes Vonda such a great breeder, aside from her
knowledge of animal husbandry and good taste in horses, is that she
truly cares for each and every foal she produces. I have known her to
refuse to sell a foal to a home that she knows would not take care of it
that way that she would. She does her very best to keep track of the
foals that she produces and encourages the owners to keep in touch.
As a result of her efforts and fantastic breeding program, the majority
of the people that purchase a foal
from her return to purchase additional foals. She also helps the owners
find new homes for the foals should the need arise in the future. She
always goes above and beyond.
Stephanie Pennell, Realtor, e-PRO, Eco-Broker

Vonda Hamilton is simply of the most wonderful people I
have had the honor to know and to call my friend. In the equine world
her knowledge of horses, their gaits, breeding, training is on a level with
all the more publicly known trainers and breeders.
I lean on her for help solving training and breeding issues as well as
simply health care for my horses. I also lean on her for encouragement
when all seems to going wrong.  Vonda's love for her horses is simply
unparalleled. Anyone who went through the ordeal when teenagers set
fire to her Dixie knows what kind of person Vonda is. She spent every
moment treating this horse, spared no expensive to save her, was there
night and day no matter how much sleep she lost. Vonda told me that
she saw in Dixie's eyes the will to leave and she was going to fight to
keep her alive no matter what anyone else said. She put up with phone
calls from "well meaning" individuals telling her she was cruel for
keeping the mare alive and not just putting her down. Vonda is no quitter
and one look at Dixie today should make all those "well meaning"
individuals think twice before imposing their opinions on the next person
striving to save their animal. And just a few weeks ago I found Vonda in
tears because she had lost a foal. Her tenderness and love for the
animal is incredible.
Also, most people don't know about Vonda's credentials. She is secure
enough in herself that she doesn't have to inform everyone how
knowledgeable she is or how many important people she knows.
And her breeding program............WOW! I once asked Vonda why she
didn't do artificial insemination because it would bring in more income.
The answer was Classic Vonda. She told me that she would not breed
her stallion to a mare that she could not put her hands on to feel and
look at. She had no intention of producing substandard foals. If only all
breeders had this attitude the horse industry would not have so many
unwanted animals.
Vonda is a colleague and, I am so proud to friend. It's
hard to say how much I respect and love her in a few paragraphs. She
is a true horsewoman and model for others.
Susan League

I feel very strongly that Vonda Hamilton deserves this award. Though
her many accomplishments in the world of horses certainly speak for
themselves, I think that Vonda's devotion to and passion for her work
with horses and her uncommon quality of character are what make her
most deserving of this award. I've known Vonda for about a year now.
When I first met her I had just bought a Rocky Mountain Horse on the
recommendation of a friend and was looking for a place to board him. I
stumbled upon Hamilton Stables by chance, but I was immediately
drawn to the warm and friendly atmosphere of the place and the true
passion for horses that plainly existed there. Not long after my arrival,
my new horse began to display some alarming health issues.. Even
though I was the new girl and she had no obligation to, Vonda
immediately stepped in and started helping me take care of my horse
without a second thought. The situation with my new horse continued to
get worse and I found myself stuck in one of those horse-purchases
gone awry, feeling like I'd been duped by a used car salesman.
However, as my horse needed more and more medical attention Vonda
continued to pitch in without ever asking for anything in return. Because
of my horse's medical problems I couldn't ride him, so Vonda let me
"foster", so to speak, one of her mares while we waited to see if my horse would improve. Things
with my horse didn't improve and I gave him away to a loving family when his constant medical
needs became too much for my pocketbook to bear. In the meantime, I had completely fallen in
love with the mare that Vonda had let me borrow, so Vonda sold her to me. As simple as that
sounds it was much bigger than that. This mare, Phoebe, was not just any horse and definitely not
one that Vonda wanted to sell. The only reason that she sold Phoebe to me was because she saw
how much I had grown to love her. It was a genuine act of kindness that I will never forget. I still
have Phoebe, of course, and I have since bought another horse from Vonda named Camelot (he
is one that she bred). Both Phoebe and Camelot are incredible horses. They have wonderful
temperaments, are very naturally gaited, easy to handle, and very healthy with beautiful
confirmation. Aside from my own horses, I have interacted with several other horses from Vonda's
breeding program and found them all to be exceptional (sweet natured, easy-going, great
confirmation, well-trained, etc). Horses have been my passion for my entire life (well, at least since
I was old enough to know what a horse was) and I recognize the same enthusiasm in Vonda. I
know that a year isn't a very long time to have known someone, but in that short time I have
become friends with Vonda Hamilton and found her to be an exceptional horse woman and human
being in every sense of the word. Sincerely, Lauren Barker
I met Vonda eight years ago after searching for the breeder of a horse I
found a picture of on the Internet. To my great fortune, as it turned out,
that breeder was Vonda Hamilton and she lived only an hour away from
She invited me over to tour her facility and to see the foals that she had
available from the same lines as the one I saw on the Internet. It was
refreshing to meet someone who was breeding quality stock and not
trying to get a fortune for them. Her horses and foals were beautiful,
from high end pedigrees and were all so people friendly. Her stallion
was gorgeous and was just as personable as could be.
She didn't have what I was looking for at the time so offered to keep me
informed of new foals as they hit the ground. It wasn't long. A few
weeks later I purchased the first of what would be many foals from
We became fast friends, a surprising situation for me as I had grown
bitter and untrusting of horse people over the last few decades. Vonda
was a refreshing breath of fresh air. From the first day I met her, she
has always been completely honest almost to a fault, very supportive
with any questions or situations that arose with my foals and generous
with her prices, time and knowledge.
She has earned a special trust from me that I guard jealously from
giving. I have learned over the years that no matter how fanciful a story
Vonda tells me it has always proven true. She makes me laugh, she
makes bad situations right and has always been available to me when I
have been in need of anything at all. She is likely the most honest, kind,
giving, modest, and dedicated person I know or will ever meet.
I count myself as one of the lucky few who share in both Vonda's
personal and professional life. Few to none could find a truthful negative
thing to say about Vonda. She earns the respect and friendship that she
has and deserves every bit of it.
Outside of a eulogy you won’t find someone that nicer things can be
told about. She really is one of a very special few.
Hope you find something useful in my reference for Vonda.
Lorin McNulty
Hello Terrie!
I have known Vonda for many years and the very best thing I can say
about her personally is that she abhors horse abuse and truly breeds
the gait in instead of "nailing it on"! She is also not after the "big bucks"
that come more often with the TWHBEA and has stuck to her non-
abusive guns all these years.
She and her husband are TRUE horse lovers in every sense of the
Bonnie A. Yeager IPWHR

I’ve been married to Vonda for almost 9 years.
Anyone who knows Vonda will tell you that her love for horses doesn’t
stop with just horses. She has that same caring, loving, and
compassion about everything she does and for everyone she meets.
She has never met a stranger. People seem to flock to her and open up
to her about things they can’t even believe they’re telling.
She’s loved horses (and animals) all her life. When she was around her
teens her love for horses grew to a level to where she had to get
involved with them. Her parents were not necessarily open to the ideal
so she would ride her bike or walk to a local horse stable facility and
work for riding lessons. She just had to be around horses. Every chance
she got, she would be at that facility. She did this until she was 17 and
left for college.
Even during her time in college she still had time for horses, training and
working with horses every chance she got. She began by taking equine
classes but soon took over teaching the classes.
At one point she moved to South Carolina and worked for a major
saddlebred farm where she showed and trained saddlebreds. She won
numerous state and national awards. Competitors hated seeing Vonda
at the shows back then because she could ride other riders in the
ground. There was just something about her that couldn’t be touched.
I had also heard stories of when she was in South Carolina of how she
was the only one who could handle some of those saddle bred stallions.
This I have personally witnessed with other horses (and dogs) when
she’d walk up to them and their owners can’t believe they let her. I really
think they sense her “goodness” and welcome her.
She has also rescued several horses that were as wild and scared as a
deer and seen her turn them around with love and patience. She has a
“rescue” horse now that was probably 500 pounds under weight when
she got here and you couldn’t even get close to her at all. This horse
was traumatized. After a while she was able to get close to her to rub
her and the horse would just shake so wildly from fear. She has worked
with this horse for a couple of months now and she can now walk up to
her and rub on her anywhere and the horse is now at a healthy weight
and happy. I hope this helps some. Let me know if you need anything
Nathan Hamilton Jr. (husband)


Hi Terrie,
My name is Crystal Lane and I just received your email about Vonda. I
am thrilled to hear of her nomination.
I have known Vonda for about 7 years now. I met her when I called her
stables for lessons. Vonda exceeded my expectations when I met her.
She is very friendly and has a contagious enthusiasm for horses. She
welcomes everyone to her farm and makes them feel comfortable while
there. She is extremely giving of her time and enjoys helping others that
share her passion for horses. She has a compassionate heart and
never give- up attitude. She, in my opinion, is very deserving of the
Mrs. Hamilton does an outstanding job with her stables. Her horses are
very versatile and have very good temperament. When someone
selects to purchase a horse from Mrs. Hamilton they get not only a
horse, but a very knowledgeable horsewoman and friend. She wants the
partnership of horse and owner to be successful and enjoyable for both.
She strives to better not only her horses but the breed as well. Once
most people own a horse from Hamilton Stables they come back for
another. I feel that is a compliment to the Mrs. Hamilton and the work
that she does.
I truly believe that people like Vonda are a blessing to the horse
industry. She is a blessing to all whose life she touches. I feel very
confident in saying that Vonda is living her dream and loving every
minute of it.
I hope this helps you in some small way. Please keep me updated on
the status of her nomination.

Dear Terrie,
Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to tell a little bit about
Vonda! She's a wonderful woman and a great horsewoman.
I first met Vonda in May 2005 when I was looking online for a horse to
purchase. There, I found a picture of the most beautiful baby I'd ever
seen. I called Vonda about coming out to take a look at the little filly and
we set the date for that Saturday.
She was friendly upon my first meeting her; greeting me with a warm
smile and a firm hand-shake! We walked around her barn and into the
pasture where I saw my future Darling! I also took a look at a colt she
was close to weaning.
Vonda casually asked me questions about my horsey-history and what
my plans may be with the little filly. I could tell she cared very much for
this and all the other babies she had sold. It wasn't until later, that I
discovered just how much she cared!
Apparently, I was a good candidate to purchase the filly named Darling!
Over the course of just a few weeks, I grew more and more close to
Vonda. I'd share my stories of horsing around and she'd tell me all
about her days of training Saddlebreds. I also learned about the things
that I was blind to: soaring. I had no idea of what made some of the
horses in the show rings step so high! We were talking about our horses
(of which I had now acquired two!) and I happened to see the
magazines that were sent to her. She sadly shook her head and said,
"Just look at that! That horse is SORE!" I said, "what do you mean?"
Vonda said, "you can tell how badly they are sored by looking at the
legs. You see how high he's liftin' that leg? See how the cannon bone
looks, all wavy? That's what soring looks like."
Vonda further explained the painful methods she had seen in use by
some of the former trainers she had worked with. Everything from
putting alcohol and gas on the legs to chap the skin around the cornet,
to placing screws in the feet.
"Why do you think I asked you so many questions when you came to
look at Darlin'?" She asked.
After my purchase, Vonda and I had become fast friends; spending
nearly every weekend together watching the horses and talking like
cousins! I would have sworn she was a long lost sister!
We'd have so much fun. I always looked forward to weekends. I always
learned something!
In 2007, I had to leave NC for WA and was very sad to say good bye.
But I still talk to Vonda frequently and share e-mails nearly daily.
I am the proud owner of three Flash foals: Darling (my initial love), Frost
(whom I bought for my husband) and Jewel (my raffle horse).
I have to say that Vonda is the perfect selection for this highly-
esteemed award! She's patient, kind and generous.. She has taught me
so very much in those two years, and she' still schooling me! I'm always
asking her for advice! It has been an honor to know Vonda and be lucky
enough to have her trust me with her babies!
I have pictures on the website for my Flash babies! feel free to use what
you like:!
Thanks again for giving me this opportunity!
Heather McDougall

This is my quote about Vonda Hamilton. :-)
I came to board at the Hamilton's in July of 2007 with a horse I had
bought previously. For some reason when I was looking at other
boarding facilities her barn stood out and I ended up calling her.
Perhaps you might call it destiny for me to end up there. I came to look
at her barn and she was the most happy, charming lady I had yet to
meet in the horse world. Two, almost three years later, I sold my paint
horse and have bought four of her foals off of her stallion Flash. It has
been a hard road for me to gain back trust, patients and love for
horses. I had all but lost that when I first came to Vonda's farm. Vonda
has showed me how to regain all of that and more with the horses I
currently own. Vonda is a world of knowledge on horses, no matter what
avenue you are riding down with them. She amazes me with her abilities
to get the impossible done with horses that she has trained and worked
with, regardless of what she is up against. She has shown me the
proper way to ride a horse and to stay in the saddle.
I have had the privilege of owning two of Flash's offspring since birth.
Her breeding program has the most well rounded foals I have seen,
either in confirmation, gait or personality. It doesn't matter what mare
you buy a Flash foal out of, because they are always well bred. I have
learned over the years of Vonda's accomplishments in the horse world
and only become more impressed with her. Vonda will go out of her
way to make sure her foals get the best homes possible that fit the
individual foals needs and personalities. I will never have anyone else
board, train or tend to my horses. She is the best in my opinion and will
always be the best. I turn to her for all my horse needs and always will
until I can no longer own them for one reason or another. Thank you for
the opportunity to highlight this amazing women's accomplishments, she
is well deserving of this award and has worked very hard to make
herself knowledgeable in all areas of horses.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me
further. Tammy McPherson


I actually didn't know of any of Vonda's professional accomplishments.
She's never mentioned them to me, but...that's the type of woman she
is. My dealings/contact with her have been on a much more casual
level. Dealing with breeding programs, raising
foals, etc. Just on what I know of her without her professional
accomplishments, I do believe Vonda is a worthy candidate for horse
woman of the century. Her genuine love and adoration for the horse is
beyond comprehension.
I'm sure you've read and/or heard about her nursing back to health the
horse that was severely burned. She did this in spite of many negative
comments she received about her selfish needs taking over what was
best for the horse. In her darkest moments she persevered through the
negative comments to do what she felt in her own heart was the right
thing to do -- fight for that mare's life. I have no doubt that if Vonda had
felt it was in the mare's best interest to end her suffering, she would
have in a second. She could see the life and fight in that mare's eyes
and felt with prayer and love she could give that mare a second chance
at life, and not just a second chance at life, but a second chance at a
"good" life. If horses were able to give hugs of gratitude I have no
doubt that mare would be hugging Vonda -- thanking her for not giving
up on her even when things didn't look good. It wasn't a short period of
time that Vonda devoted her life to that mare, but many, many, many
months. I don't believe there are too many others out there that would
have had that type of love and devotion to their horse to persevere
through so much to see their horse (especially a horse with little
monetary worth) survive and thrive.
And that's only one aspect of Vonda's make-up. She is a very sweet,
meek, and unassuming woman. I'm not sure she's ever met a person
she doesn't like, and she seems to see the good in everyone. I often
wish I were more like her. She's is probably the most amazing and
compassionate woman I've gotten the chance to know.
So....having said all that if I were to choose from the people I know
myself....yes, I would choose Vonda as the Horse Woman Of The
Hope that helps.-- Jody Keihle-Decker


Shortly after relocating to North Carolina from California over 2 years
ago we were very blessed to have met Vonda Hamilton. I contacted her
for lessons for my then 9 year old daughter. Little did I know she would
become such a loving friend and part of our "family."
I am so grateful that we met Vonda. My daughter immediately loved her
and did very well taking lessons from Vonda. Meghan had taken
lessons before and advanced very quickly. Vonda moved her to one of
her intermediate horses named Ruffles. Meghan and Ruffles bonded
very well and Ruffles was pregnant. We were beginning to think about
buying a horse and Vonda helped us learn what we needed to know
along the way.
Meghan decided she really wanted to raise her horse and wanted the
baby from Ruffles. Pringles was born in June of 2008 and Meghan was
immediately in love.
Over several months we had observed Flash and what a gentle stallion
he was.
In the end we purchased Pringles and his brother Ranger so that they
could grow up together. At the same time we were looking for an
appropriate horse to buy for Meghan to ride while Pringles and Ranger
matured. Seeing the great relationship Meghan had with Ruffles, Vonda
offered to sell us Ruffles.
After having them home for several months, I decided it was time I have
a horse as well. Another Flash foal, Legend, had become available and
it was our anniversary. So you can guess what I asked for as a present.
So we have purchased all 4 of our horses from Vonda and have not
been disappointed. We have 3 half brothers all sired by Flash.
They are the sweetest horses. Ruffles has been perfect with Meghan.
The "boys" watch for us each morning and are mellow enough that my
3.5 year old has been running around under foot without shoes on for
over a year. They don't flinch and seem to be extra careful when she is
about. The two younger boys are not trained yet as they are not quite
2 years old. We have had the little ones on both of them bareback and
have had saddles on them and they act like they've done it all their lives.
I would not hesitate to purchase another horse from Vonda Hamilton.
We have many friends that have purchased horses elsewhere and have
had nothing but problems with their horses.
Vonda is extremely knowledgeable about horses and people. She takes
times to get to know you and can help you choose the right horse for
your family.
Vonda is a sincere and authentic person and I feel so lucky to have her
in our lives. I wouldn't change a thing. She is most definitely deserving
of this award!
Angela Ponzini


I met Vonda Hamiltion 3 years.  I went out to her place with a friend that
does a lot of business with Vonda.  I was not looking for a horse at that
time.  I watched Vonda handle her horse camp and was impressed with
what I was seeing with these horses and children.  Over the next many
months of  just riding with a friend to Vonda's to visit her new horse,
Platinum was born.  He became our boy several months later and that
is when I really began to get to know Vonda and her family.  I grew up
with Arabians, Apolossia's and Quarter Horses until I was a young
I am always wanting to learn as much as I can regarding anything that I
get into.  Vonda has graciously answered and shared information to me
and point me in the right direction for more education regarding horse
care and knowledge.  Then little Hershey came along, then a  rescuse
horse through a friend of hers came along and now little Memory.

I am so in love with my four horses.  God has truly blessed us with
Vonda and her family as business people and now friends.  I will only
take her advice or the advice of someone that she knows and approves
of on horse related matters.  She has totally prepared me and my
husband with taking care of our horses on our own as well training
Platinum now.

Vonda is very willing to teach anyone that is willing to learn what she
knows.  I have watched her time after time teach someone to the best
of her abilities on how to handle a horse and everything that goes with
it.  Even to include genetics, conformation, to keeping a stallion.  I
cannot imagine another breeder going to this length, especially that will
be also selling Flash babies.   

Vonda has worked very hard for everything that she has, with little help
from anyone.  She stands strong, and gets stronger when life throws
her a curve.  She stands, without waiver, in what she breeds and sells.
She does reference checks on prospect buyers and if she feels like this
is not a match, she does not sell to them nor does she let just anyone
board on her premises.  She is very diligent on protecting her horses as
well as her boarder horses.

I count it as a pleasure, and very grateful that Vonda Hamilton has
become part of my life.  I cannot even begin to express this.  In fact,
she has shown me there is more in me than I thought when it comes to
horses.  She has also helped me through these horse to regain the
desire to even live for the day and the following days of my life.  I had
two very sick little boys, they both had past away the spring before I
met Vonda.  Through these loving and very intelligent horses, I am
loving life again.

Christine Davidson

As you can see by the above references Mrs. Hamilton not only
adheres to the criteria of this award but also carries the love and
respect in all aspects of her equine relationships.
We can only wait and see who will win The Horsewoman of the Century
Award but in this writer's mind Mrs. Hamilton has definitely left her mark
on the horse world and will never be forgotten for her contributions to all
who have had the pleasure to know her.
Terrie Reynolds