Our Affiliated Registries
I never thought I would have to add this disclaimer but in light of
recent events, I feel I must.

To date all Flash foals have been born naturally gaited and will remain
as such with proper training.  Unfortunately some have chosen to train
with methods not becoming a gaited horse and therefore have taught
their gaited Flash foals to trot under saddle. This is an unnatural gait
for them thus harder on their overall conformation.  This is not the
desired gait of our breeding program.  We do strive to breed
wonderfully gaited foals and we have always taken great pride in our
horses. We at Hamilton Stables can not be held responsible if the
individuals that have purchased our foals don't adhere to our high
standards and preservation of the breed.  We carefully screen our
prospective clients but unfortunately we were terribly mislead by these

We feel we produce the best unfortunately even the best can be ruined
by ignorance and cruelty.