In Loving Memory

Beyond the Sunset
Although she has gone on to run in lush pastures
we will never forget the kindness of Sunny.  
Sunny truly brightened every day.

Sunny's Colt off of Flash

Serendipity's Shadow

Her name said it all she was truly a fortuitous
meeting.  This mare truly made us happy during
her time here at Hamilton Stables.  She will be
forever missed and appreciate.

Seren gave us 3 gorgeous fillies by Flash.

Join us as we morn the loss of our
Valley Girl
She was only with us a short time but we loved so
very much.

Died June 6, 2007
Flash's Champagne Topaz HS
Flash's Dixie Comfort HS
Flash's Champagne Secret HS
Valley Girl

I still remember the first time I saw her, so beautiful and proud.

Running in the pasture her foal at her side. Iʼd wanted a horse since I was a
little girl and here I was in my mid thirties, starring at her in awe. She was the
most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Days latter I talked her owner into
selling her and the foal to me. It was love at first sight and I just knew it was
right. I spent days in the barn brushing her and earning her trust. She was the
love of my life, my first horse, my dream come true. She was so patient with
me on her back and a good mother to the foal at her side. She was the color of
a bright copper penny and shined in the sun. Moved like an angel so smooth on
the run. She had my heart from that first moment on and was my best friend
until she was gone. She gave me four beautiful foals, each like their Mom so
beautiful and loving, so magical and strong. She could sense when I was sad
and would come to me to let me hug her neck for however long it took to make
me feel better. She was my best friend and losing her has left a empty space in
my heart. I know sheʼs in heaven, in a better place but I will miss her forever.
Heart and sole she will always be the most beautiful horse I have ever known.

To my beautiful Valley Girl, you have my heart forever. June 6, 2007

Written by Sanya Brown
Previous Owner of Valley

Loved by Sanya, Korey and Ryan Brown
Our Hearts Break for the Loss of
Christmas Noel
Sadly Noel had her last foal on
March 14, 2009
We were blessed with
Flash's Champagne Argo HS

Noel was laid to rest March 20, 2009 after
having a ruptured bladder.
She will always be loved and never be forgotten.  
Noel still lives in the beauty of Argo.
Noel was born at our stables and was my
daughter's favorite horse.

Flash's Dixie Comfort
Dixie was laid to rest today.  Dixie was running and fell in a freak accident
broke her femur.  So on May 19, 2010 Dixie went to Heaven to be with her
mother Serendipity.

Dixie loved life and lived everyday with a loving and grateful heart.
We will always love and remember Dixie. Click photo below to read Dixie's Tragic story.

Horse First Aid Kit
Headlight flashlight and extra batteries
Thermometer (digital preferred)
Very sharp scissors or knife
Latex gloves
Hoof pick & hoof knife
Epsom salt poultice  
(I use a baby diaper and just put the salt in it, add water and duck tape it on
the foot)
Betadine scrub
Bandage Material
(Elastacon, vet wrap, cotton sheets, track bandages, wound dressings, roll
guaze, can use diapers or sanitary napkins if nothing else is available)
Eye wash

Normal Horse Behavior
They should be bright and alert.
Temperature should be between 99 – 100.9F Foals can be up to 101.9F
(if it is higher call Vet.)
Heart Rate should be 36 -48 beats/minute or 60/80 beats/minute in foals
Respiratory rate should be 8 – 12 breaths/minute (slightly higher in foals)
Gums should be pink, if they are white or purplish call Vet
Capillary refill time is 2 seconds
Skin turgor 2 – 3 seconds
Digital pulses should be present
You should be able to hear intestinal sounds from both sides of the abdomen.
Urine color should be yellow, cloudy.  It should NOT be dark brown.
Appetite should be enthusiastic and they should eat normal ration of grain.

If your horse is not normal please call your veterinarian immediately.  Acting
QUICKLY could save your horse’s life.
Mountain Blue Harmony
Laid to Rest February 8, 2011
Our beloved mare Harmony now lives in Heaven.  Harmony’s uterus was
torn during foaling and she became septic.  Dr. B. Garrett did all he could to
save her and worked tirelessly to make her comfortable.  (Dr. Garrett put
Harmony’s health first even though he has the flu.)   Dr. Garrett worked with
Harmony as long as Harmony had the will and the heart to live.   Harmony
truly wanted to live to be with her son, Rider and Dr. Garrett gave her the
moments that she desired.  Dr. Garrett, once again proved what an amazing
person he is.   We thank God that he chose to be our Veterinarian.
Rider is doing great.  He is eating and comfortable.  Thank you all for your
prayers.  I know they are what gave both Harmony and Dr. Garrett the much
needed strength to get through this.

We love you Harmony and will never forget all you gave us.

Foals out of Harmony by Flash.

Flash's Fortune Hunter

Camelots Dark Knight

Flashs Electric Platinum HS

Flashs Champagne Rhythm HS

Flash's Champagne Rider HS
Chaser's Spotted Image   aka Ivy
went to heaven May 3, 2011
Now God has a pretty pony.